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Our Testimonials

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    I hired The Pro PI after reading the The Pro Private Investigator website. He was extremely thorough in planning for the investigation and because of that it was successful. He definitely knows what he’s doing – I recommend him.
    Corrie Edison Junior
    The ProPI
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    I highly recommend The Pro Private Investigator. From start to finish, they were extremely professional, discreet and attentive to all of my needs. They assisted me in a time of great difficulty and provided the advice and assistance I needed.
    Aloysius Ventura
    The ProPI
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    First I went to a cheaper private investigator with no results. This was a lesson learned in you pay for what you get. The Pro PI and his team are worth every penny. He not only delivered results the first day on the job but he gave me valuable advice on how to deal with what seemed like a hopeless situation. Thank you Pro PI!! I would highly recommend The Pro Private Investigator before considering any other private investigator!
    Elen Jacobs
    The ProPI
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    I couldn't have asked for more than this. You guys rock! The Pro Private Investigator is exactly what I have been lacking. Very Kool effective tasks there. Mindy Carter
    Mindy Carter
    The Pro Private Investigator